Any-Martin-Rieux is a French commune in the department of Aisne in the Picardy region of northern France. The commune can be accessed by the D1043 (E44) road which passes through the southern part of the commune from Hirson in the west to Maubert-Fontaine in the east. The D5 road comes from Aubenton in the south intersecting the D1043 at the hamlet of Bellevue in the commune and continuing north to the village then on to Neuville-aux-Joutes. the D31 road from Saint-Michel in the west to Signy-le-Petit passes through the northern tip of the commune. The D134 road also goes from the village east through the hamlet of Martin-Rieux to Fligny. there are a few hamlets and villages in the commune. These are: La Malaise, Martin-Rieux, La Rue du Moulin, Housseau, and Bellevue. The commune is mostly farmland bit with a large area of forest in the north-east.

Le Petit Gland river flows west through the commune with a network of tributaries feeding it including the Ruisseau des Sourdronsfrom the south and the Ruisseau de Laubry from the north. Le Petit Gland flows west to join the Gland river near Saint-Michel.

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