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Wexford Festival Opera - Plus Dublin, Cork & Malahide - 27Oct19-Nov0519

Wexford is a charming historic town on the south-east coast of Ireland where something magical happens every October when people who appreciate the very best in opera come from around the world to savour the rare musical delights of Wexford Festival Opera. It has gained an enviable international reputation for the quality of its performances and for the unique atmosphere that it generates in the town. Wexford’s raison d’etre is to perform operas that either never made it into the...

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New York Metropolitan Opera 23Mar20 - 29Mar20

The Vancouver Opera Guild invites you to join its spring tour to New York featuring four productions at the Metropolitan Opera with excellent seating in the Grand Tier Balance section. Accommodation at the Watson Hotel on West 57th Street is just a short walk from Lincoln Center.It is located in a quiet residential area of Manhattan with several family-run restaurants serving breakfast, lunch and dinner in the immediate vicinity.

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PERU - Manu Biosphere Reserve With Dr. Keith Wade

Manu national park and biosphere reserve is one of the world’s most spectacular and biologically diverse wilderness regions. It encompasses high Andean mountain ecosystems 4000m above sea level to the Amazon Basin plains, and its major vegetation types reflect this great altitudinal range, from puna grasslands at the highest elevations down through high subalpine forests, on down through beautiful cloud forests, to the lowland tropical forests of the Amazon basin. More than 4400 plant species have been identified in the...

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Future Tours

The Vancouver Opera Guild and Great Expeditions are working together to bring you some exciting opera tours for 2019 and 2020

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8 Day Cuban Adventure

Year-round      Length: 8 days If your time is limited, and you are more interested in Cuba's culture and its people than beach resorts, then we highly recommend this 8-day tour of Cuba. In one short week, it's an...

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15 Day Cuban Adventure

Year-round      Length: 15 days The 15-day Original tour of Cuba is our most long-standing itinerary. It packs into 2 weeks what we consider the most fascinating elements of this unique country. As well as visiting many of Cuba's...

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Western Cuba

Year-round Length: 6 days/5 nights A journey into the Western provinces of Cuba offers a taste of both Cuba's rural and urban life with some spectacular scenery along the way. We visit some community art projects in Havana and then...

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Complete Cuba

Year-round      Length: 20 days/19nights Our 20-day Complete Cuba tour is a combination of our 15-day Original tour of Cuba and our 6-day tour of Western Cuba. We highly recommend this tour to travel the entire length of the...

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